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The materials we choose go a long way to show our ethical stance and how we incorporate it into our day-to-day work. Sustainability is a key driving force behind our personality, and we have always been keen supporters of conserving nature at all times.

Accoya is Radiata Pine which has been acetylated (pickled) in vinegar and comes with 50 year guarantees. It can be painted or stained and has no seasonal movement meaning no more swelling or sticking joinery which won’t open! The surface finishes last 10 times longer than on any other joinery giving you the lowest maintenance cycles of any timber joinery.

All our Oak timber is locally sourced home grown oak, which is something very important to us.

Outside constructions we prefer to use Yellow Cedar and Oak, they both outlast any other timber when exposed to differing elements.

By making these choices it means that we avoid using man-made treatments, which is something that we aim to maintain throughout all of our projects and general practices.